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Unusual Wedding Portrait

Wedding Portrait shot on 4x5 Instant Film

Wedding Portrait at Nature's Point shot on Fuji Instant Film

H ow often do you get to do something you have always wanted? Thanks to Eric Hegwer I was invited to bring my 4×5 to a gorgeous event this past weekend at Nature’s Point along with all my regular gear. The spectacular venue was awash in perfect weather and even better light. Eric and I had discussed the shot before had and I came prepared with my 15′ telescoping ladder and some wood clamps. A few minutes after scouting the ceremony site I clamped my tripod to the ladder, pre-focused and marked the spot.  Before the ceremony the whole rig was hidden behind a tree and half-way into it I carried the camera/ladder into the middle of the aisle to shoot a few sheets. This first image comes from a quick session we did after the wedding shot on the luscious Fuji Fp100c45 and the negative retained using advice I received from the incomparable William Littman.