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Out to Breakfast


Matt Palevsky at Breakfast

Matt after Breakfast


owever many times I stand at my kitchen sink at night developing film it never gets old. While turning the tank over in my hand processing this roll I realized that in doing so I am part of a photo-chemical lineage that traces directly back 176 years. Add to this that the developer I use (PMK Pyro) had been around for decades and is responsible for bringing to light some of the more famous images of the past century and standing there can feel a bit like a time warp. Even though instead of a Time-O-Lite I track my chemistry on my iPhone. A friend once told me about their similar addiction to this process and explained the magic of it so eloquently, “It’s incredible every time you finish. There is that moment right before you open the tank, pull the roll out and hold it up where you panic and wonder ‘did I mess this up, is it going to work?’ but then it does, and its amazing.”  The image above comes from a couple weeks ago when one of my closest friends was in town for a visit and taken at the end of a delicious breakfast at Maria’s Taco Express in South Austin.