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James Intveld

James Intveld behind Tootsies

James Intveld models his custom Manuel Suit behind Tootsie's in Nashville

J ames Intveld is a musician and actor who is also a friend I have photographed many times. This image comes from a shoot we did over 2 days in and around Nashville. We shot all over and for this set-up he wore the suit Manuel made for him. Manuel and James have known each other for many years and Manuel affectionately calls him Jesse James, which is the primary design on the back of the jacket. Manuel was the protege of Nudie the man responsible for Gram Parsons’ Gilded Palace of Sin suit among so many others. Manuel designed and made the Beatles’ Srgt. Pepper costumes, Elvis’ gold lame outfit and more than could ever be summarized adequately here. It was a special pleasure to be able to meet him. Of photographic note: a gorgeous 20″x30″ black and white portrait of him by Mary Ellen Mark hangs in the rear of his shop which is a spacious converted Victorian home.

This is the image that became the cover for James’ latest album “Have Faith” shot in the same broken down Ford I have featured before on this site:

James Intveld Cover photograph for the album Have Faith

Cover photo for James' album Have Faith

This last image comes from the bottom floor of Manuel’s store. On the right hangs some of the 50 state Suits Manuel was commissioned to make. Each one is dedicated to one of the U.S. States and is emblazoned and bedazzled with iconic imagery representing the history and notoriety of each. James wore one at the American Music Awards just after they were finished.

James at Manuels, Nashville

James takes a look at some of Manuel's 50 State's Suits in Nashville