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Kodak Brownie Six-20

Old Texas General Store

An old general store in Kimbro, Texas

Recently, I pulled some old film off the shelf and loaded it into an even older camera; a Kodak Brownie Junior from around 1949. The camera was given to me many years ago by my grandmother making me only the second owner of the camera. At the time I also got her Hawkeye and have photographed with it many times. The images here are from the first roll I have put through the Brownie Junior. Before I loaded it up with Ilford Delta 400 (as you can see from the shot below)  I spent about a half hour cleaning it up. I started by taking the whole front off, cleaned the lens, focusing lens’ and ground glass. I also reattached one of the viewfinder mirrors that had slipped out of its position due to the old glue cracking off. The camera shoots 6×9 and has a brilliant finder on both the top for portraits and on the right side for landscapes. Somehow, despite having it for so long, I had never pulled it out yet. It was so much fun to shoot with and will certainly not be relegated to its former shelf anytime soon.

Old general store dry goods texas

The fence and rear of the Store

Lady Bird Lake Rail Bridge

Looking south on a foggy afternoon across the International and Great Northern metal truss railroad bridge across Lady Bird Lake.

seaholm power plant towers

Towers at Austin's Seaholm Power Plant.