Hannah < JP Photography


Hannah -a young pretty girl- reclines in a fashionable pose beside an dry, drained and empty public pool in Austin, Texas.

Hannah waits patiently for a pool party.

I came across this quote years ago but despite ample searching have been unable to properly credit it. I recall it being attributed to a game designer at Nintendo who said that, “The best games are those that are simple to learn yet difficult to master.” I think this is one of the most apt and accurate descriptions of photography. The principles behind photography can be learned in an afternoon, but what happens next can barely be fit into a lifetime. The image above was taken at an empty pool in town with an 80 year old box camera; the simplest camera to use but the most difficult to focus. What initially seemed impossible turned out to be quite easy with the assistance of my trusty clamps, a cannibalized ground glass and a tape measure. I spent a dark evening a few weeks ago setting the focus for all my vintage and antique cameras. Once calibrated and recorded they prove divinely easy to use on location. My gratitude to my good friend Hannah who obliged me in testing my new applied theory of fixed focus calibration.