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Found In the Yard

Skull of the Canis latrans ometimes one of our four dogs will come home from roaming the adjacent empty property bearing a decomposing treasure of a particularly ripe vintage. On the rare occasion that something not of the bio-hazardous sort winds up in the vicinity of the back door it gets cleaned up and put […]

SXSW Film Festival 2010

outh By South West is taking over Austin.  Here’s one in honor of the film portion of the festival. My good friend – the very talented photographer and printer- David Johndrow will be speaking at the Alamo  Drafthouse  on a panel before a screening of the new documentary about the prophetic Bill Hicks whom he […]

In Praise Of Analogue

This is a love song to film. And perhaps not just film but all things analog. “The bourgeois status of toys can be recognized not only in their forms, which are all functional, but also in their substances. Current toys are made of a graceless material, the product of chemistry not nature. Many are now […]