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Bridal Portrait

  nniversaries are wonderful to celebrate, especially as a photographer to be able to look back and recall the creation of images with fondness. This is a portrait I took at my good friend Maria’s wedding to her partner Leah pictured above. I love the line and graceful fall of her dress. They were both […]

Ian Ingram

ortraits were the subject of both the session and conversation of my recent shoot with Mr. Ingram. We spent a remarkable time together outside making some very dramatic images of him and getting in to lengthy exchanges about the history and lineage of this particular form of expression we both find ourselves in. Above is […]

Gallery Show

was recently excited to discover that one of my submissions to the first group show at Austin’s L. Nowlin Gallery was accepted. It is the image above and is on display at the gallery as part of the show “The Portrait” through August 14th, 2010. It is from a roll I shot with my Leica […]

Unusual Wedding Portrait

ow often do you get to do something you have always wanted? Thanks to Eric Hegwer I was invited to bring my 4×5 to a gorgeous event this past weekend at Nature’s Point along with all my regular gear. The spectacular venue was awash in perfect weather and even better light. Eric and I had […]


odie and I spent a few particularly patient hours together making some pictures with the 4×5 Sinar. Here he is taking a break between set-ups. I also came want to share this wonderful quote I found in a book of Eduard Steichen’s prints from the French sculptor Paul-Albert Batholmé, “I am irritated by most of […]