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Los Angeles, California

ery much has been written about imaging making in the Golden State; much of it vain attempts to capture the specific light there. Another black and white photographer once said,”Everything worth photographing is in California.” Similarly I could cite Sir. Hillary’s immortal quip in response to why we continue to photograph in the light of […]


ostume time is here and Bodie went all out this year as his favorite Thundercat; Lion-o.  He has been watching the show since the early summer and has excitedly been collecting the original action figures as well.  His red hair is actually colored -it’s not a wig- and he was a good sport about holding […]

Gallery Show

was recently excited to discover that one of my submissions to the first group show at Austin’s L. Nowlin Gallery was accepted. It is the image above and is on display at the gallery as part of the show “The Portrait” through August 14th, 2010. It is from a roll I shot with my Leica […]


odie and I spent a few particularly patient hours together making some pictures with the 4×5 Sinar. Here he is taking a break between set-ups. I also came want to share this wonderful quote I found in a book of Eduard Steichen’s prints from the French sculptor Paul-Albert Batholmé, “I am irritated by most of […]

Until then….

Sometimes it is worth getting the Sinar 4×5 out to shoot the boys with. Bodie looked downright debonair in his paisley tux jacket so out it came. This is scanned from the Fuji instant print.