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In the Rain

ltorf is a major East-West street in South Austin. Sometimes in rains in Austin. When it rains, the roads usually get slippery. I arrived on this scene as the police were showing up and left just as the tow truck arrived; it seems no one was injured. Somehow this car made it from Oltorf, over […]


acuous is the landscape that rises to meet me in the morning, yet surprisingly, most people I meet are often astounded to hear how far away from town we live. Coming from Los Angeles I relish the ability to traverse 15 miles in less than 30 minutes; a heretofore unknown vehicular pleasure that I could […]

Found In the Yard

Skull of the Canis latrans ometimes one of our four dogs will come home from roaming the adjacent empty property bearing a decomposing treasure of a particularly ripe vintage. On the rare occasion that something not of the bio-hazardous sort winds up in the vicinity of the back door it gets cleaned up and put […]

Gallery Show

was recently excited to discover that one of my submissions to the first group show at Austin’s L. Nowlin Gallery was accepted. It is the image above and is on display at the gallery as part of the show “The Portrait” through August 14th, 2010. It is from a roll I shot with my Leica […]