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Spiderman in Suburbia

  exas has a storied history when it comes to fighting crime, but coming face to face with a real life comic hero is something you can never prepare for. Luckily I follow Peter Parker’s lead and try to always have a camera on me. I was quite surprised to find him getting ready for […]

Texas Wildfires: Bastrop

ildfires have been ravaging the area around us and living halfway between Austin and Bastrop has put us literally in the middle. Thankfully we have not had to contend with immediate threats or imminent danger, however; for the first few days it was very scary. With Austin as small as it is we know many, […]

In the Rain

ltorf is a major East-West street in South Austin. Sometimes in rains in Austin. When it rains, the roads usually get slippery. I arrived on this scene as the police were showing up and left just as the tow truck arrived; it seems no one was injured. Somehow this car made it from Oltorf, over […]