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Ian Ingram

intimate color portrait of artist Ian Ingram

Ian Ingram up close


ortraits were the subject of both the session and conversation of my recent shoot with Mr. Ingram. We spent a remarkable time together outside making some very dramatic images of him and getting in to lengthy exchanges about the history and lineage of this particular form of expression we both find ourselves in. Above is another scan from the sumptuous Fuji FP100c45 that is always such a surprise to work with. I was shooting 8×10 black and white and exposed this one to confirm the bellows factor in addition to a new set-up for checking focus. After all was said and done my depth of field moved into the neighborhood of 4 to 6 millimeters so I wanted to be sure that things were all lined up. If you are unfamiliar with Mr. Ingram’s work I highly recommend seeking out some originals to experience. I have been exceptionally fortunate in seeing much of his new series as he completes it. There is nothing like it and certainly nothing like seeing it up close and in person; his self portraits are staggering in their complexity, intimacy and size.