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odie and I spent a few particularly patient hours together making some pictures with the 4×5 Sinar. Here he is taking a break between set-ups. I also came want to share this wonderful quote I found in a book of Eduard Steichen’s prints from the French sculptor Paul-Albert Batholmé, “I am irritated by most of […]


ometimes there are days when cameras leap off the shelf into your hands and beg to be taken out for a walk. On this Sunday Jasper and I took such a walk. Here is what we did…

Kodak Brownie Six-20

ecently, I pulled some old film off the shelf and loaded it into an even older camera; a Kodak Brownie Junior from around 1949. The camera was given to me many years ago by my grandmother making me only the second owner of the camera. At the time I also got her Hawkeye and have […]

James Intveld

ames Intveld is a musician and actor who is also a friend I have photographed many times. This image comes from a shoot we did over 2 days in and around Nashville. We shot all over and for this set-up he wore the suit Manuel made for him. Manuel and James have known each other […]