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Out to Breakfast


Matt Palevsky at Breakfast

Matt after Breakfast


owever many times I stand at my kitchen sink at night developing film it never gets old. While turning the tank over in my hand processing this roll I realized that in doing so I am part of a photo-chemical lineage that traces directly back 176 years. Add to this that the developer I use (PMK Pyro) had been around for decades and is responsible for bringing to light some of the more famous images of the past century and standing there can feel a bit like a time warp. Even though instead of a Time-O-Lite I track my chemistry on my iPhone. A friend once told me about their similar addiction to this process and explained the magic of it so eloquently, “It’s incredible every time you finish. There is that moment right before you open the tank, pull the roll out and hold it up where you panic and wonder ‘did I mess this up, is it going to work?’ but then it does, and its amazing.”  The image above comes from a couple weeks ago when one of my closest friends was in town for a visit and taken at the end of a delicious breakfast at Maria’s Taco Express in South Austin.


Walks in the Woods

a portrait of jasper walking at the park

Jasper at the Park


H iking in the woods at the end of our street is one of our favorite things to do together. Walking out of the house the late afternoon fall light was so striking on this day. Here is an image from our walk. Jasper rocks one of his Threadless shirts which features all the great Horror Film monsters; they all glow in the dark except for the Fairy-Godmother. I have the same shirt -in a larger size- and have been asked by our kids’ classmate who the characters are. It is a lot of fun trying to explain why Hannibal Lecter wears a mask to a Second Grader.

Los Angeles, California

a black and white image of Bodie By The Pool at Sunset

Standing by a Sunset at a Southern California Pool

Very much has been written about imaging making in the Golden State; much of it vain attempts to capture the specific light there. Another black and white photographer once said,”Everything worth photographing is in California.” Similarly I could cite Sir. Hillary’s immortal quip in response to why we continue to photograph in the light of California, “because it’s there.” Either way, I went to the state -supplicating myself- in hopes of coming home with some of that alchemical elixir bound up in a roll of film. I look forward as always to my next return.

Spiderman in Suburbia

spiderman gets into his spider-mobile, a Ford F150

Spiderman prepares for an evening of crime fighting.


Texas has a storied history when it comes to fighting crime, but coming face to face with a real life comic hero is something you can never prepare for. Luckily I follow Peter Parker’s lead and try to always have a camera on me. I was quite surprised to find him getting ready for an evening of crime fighting and caught him loading up his Spider-Mobile. Oh, and of course -this being Texas- he drives an F150 to work. Nuff ‘said.


Bodie in his Lion O Thundercats costume for Halloween

Bodie in his Lion-O costume for Halloween

Costume time is here and Bodie went all out this year as his favorite Thundercat; Lion-o.  He has been watching the show since the early summer and has excitedly been collecting the original action figures as well.  His red hair is actually colored -it’s not a wig- and he was a good sport about holding still as it was teased out and styled. And yes, while most of the color has since washed out (turning the tub a distinctive and vibrant shade of pink of course) and his hair has returned to it’s natural color, his pillow sadly,  has not been so fortunate.